Jody Ryabinov

  • Jody has earned over 35 certifications in the natural health care field and has over three decades of experience working in alternative medicine and optimal health methods. Jody is the president of the Living Well Center of Ormond Beach, Florida and has seen over 1,000 clients in the past 8 years. Her experience as a Natural Healthcare Profession has brought her to study and obtain certifications in the following fields: Live Blood Cell Analysis, Biofeedback and Electro-dermal Screening, Herbology, and Nutrition in addition to Applied Kinesiology. She works in conjunction with many other physicians in her area teaching seminars and workshops in "Overcoming Chronic Degenerative Disease". Jody has been working in the area of research and developing EMF (electro-magnetic field) Resonance Shield protection devices and electronically encoded products during the past decade. Her love for her Creator and people have inspired the establishment of the Living Well Center and products that are profoundly changing lives every day.  She can be reached at

  • Sun 5pm The Power of Emotions, Sound, Light & the pH of the body: How to heal the mind, body & blood quickly! Demonstration of the “human biofield” and energy fields shown.